AFAM Capital is a 39 year-old boutique investment management firm with locations in Austin, TX and Orange County, CA. We serve individual investors, institutions, and advisors across the country through private /separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and an investment newsletter.

AFAM Capital has strategies that fall into 3 major categories: Al Frank, Innealta and the Dynamic Portfolio Series. The Al Frank division is value-oriented equity management specializing in identifying undervalued US stocks. The Innealta division is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) tactical/strategic asset manager that invests both domestically and globally. The Dynamic Portfolio Series is a combination of the Al Frank and Innealta Strategies.

Our founding father, Al Frank, began writing The Prudent Speculator newsletter in 1977 and we continue to utilize the newsletter to share our Al Frank division’s story. The newsletter has been ranked the #1 ranked, not adjusted for risk, investment newsletter for the last 20, 25 and 30 years by The Hulbert Financial Digest (as of 1.31.15). A newsletter’s Hulbert Financial Digest’s performance calculation is based on an average of its several newsletter portfolios in the event it recommends more than one (and includes portfolios that the letters have discontinued).


Prospective Clients

We serve individual investors and institutions by offering multiple privately managed account strategies, 4 proprietary mutual funds, and an investment newsletter. No matter your risk tolerance or time horizon, we strive to help you achieve your goals.

• If you are interested in learning more about how an AFAM Capital privately managed account can help you work towards your financial goals please click here.

• Both our Al Frank Value Division and our Innealta ETF Division offer proprietary mutual funds. Click here to learn more about our mutual funds.

• If you prefer manage your own portfolio and would like to leverage the research of our experienced research team, we encourage you to learn more about The Prudent Speculator newsletter. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter.



AFAM Capital offers 4 mutual funds and various strategies for select advisors. Our Al Frank division offers 5 mutual funds and 2 SMA strategies. Our Innealta division offers 2 mutual funds and 10 SMA’s. Please click here if you are an advisor interested in our products.
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