Does Your Advisor Know You?


Get the financial advice service you deserveHow old are your kids? Where’s your next vacation? When is your anniversary? Connecting with AFAM Capital means having conversations that enable us to get to know you as an individual. To work toward your goals most effectively, we need to understand you. Only then can we offer the personal service that we believe makes AFAM Capital unique.

Not everyone is the right fit for AFAM Capital. Historically, we’ve worked exclusively with private clients investing $500,000 to multi-millions. This has allowed us to give you and your investments the attention they deserve. Then we match your needs with different portfolio strategies that have been created and tested by our Investment Teams. You’ve worked hard. You’ll find our team ready to deliver the service you’ve earned.

You’ve worked hard and have earned premium service to accompany time-tested investment strategies. When you are ready, contact us and we will get to know you.





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