Syndication Guide

AFAM Capital encourages using content from any of our websites. Of course, we want our content properly indexed in search engines as the original article. You are welcome to use our content without specific approval as long as you follow the requirements listed below. You can choose Option A or Option B.

Option A: Syndicate the article in its entirety

  • The complete unaltered article is used
  • A properly formatted rel=cannonical tag is used on the syndicated page
  • The rel=cannonical tag points to the exact URL of the article being syndicated
  • The disclosures are included

Option B: Syndicate the article in part

  • No more than 50% of the article is syndicated
  • The syndicated content is unaltered in both content and sequence. In other words the syndicated content must be contiguous and unaltered up to 50% of the total content.
  • Immediately following the syndicated content is the statement “Read the full article and disclosures here”. That statement hyperlinks to the exact URL of the original article.
  • The link can either be followed or no-follow (although we prefer followed links)

Other requirements:

  • A byline is included crediting authorship to the AFAM website where the article resides. The byline follows the format outlined below.
  • Only articles on live public web pages are authorized for syndication.
  • Any restricted content requiring a login cannot be syndicated
  • Any content in a PDF document cannot by syndicated
  • Financial information is subject to compliance requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The website owners are responsible for fulfilling SEC requirements on their own websites. AFAM Capital assumes no responsibility for compliance for any content not on any of AFAM Capital’s websites.

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Byline format:

Originally posted by [website name] on [website URL (linked or not linked – your choice)]. AFAM Capital is the parent company of The Prudent Speculator Newsletter, Innealta Capital and Al Frank Asset Management. AFAM Capital reserves all rights.