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The Prudent Speculator is our newsletter that has been trusted for more than 40 years. In a recent Barron’s article, The Little Newsletter That Crushed the Market, Mark Hulbert put it this way:

It pays to have nerves of steel. That’s the most important lesson to emerge from The Prudent Speculator’s position as one of this country’s most successful investment newsletters of the past four decades.”

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TPS Portfolio is the Al Frank Credit Trust’s actual investment portfolio.

Buckingham Portfolio is John Buckingham’s actual investment portfolio. Though not presently leveraged, it has been so in the past. It is not based on actual client returns.

Millennium Portfolio is unleveraged and hypothetical. It is not based on actual client returns.

PruFolio is unleveraged and hypothetical. It is not based on actual client returns.

The Prudent Speculator Portfolios utilize the Russell 3000 Index as their benchmark. The Russell 3000 Index measures the performance of the broad growth segment of the U.S. equity universe and includes those Russell 3000 companies with higher price-to-book ratios and higher forecasted growth values. Return figures are total return (i.e. include the impact of dividends and their reinvestment.) The Index returned 4.84% for the period 12/31/1999 – 12/31/2014.

Investment recommendations provided herein are subject to change at any time. Those recommendations provided herein are provided for informational purposes only and are not provided as a recommendation to buy or sell any one security. Past and current recommendations that are profitable are not indicative of future results, which may in fact result in a loss.

Performance and characteristics of AFAM portfolios and securities are subject to risks and uncertainties. The stocks selected for listing and discussion were based on proprietary analytical work performed by AFAM, and not based on performance, meaning that they are chosen irrespective of profits or losses. The securities presented do not represent all of the securities bought, sold or recommended.

See our Previously Recommended Stocks PDF for a list of all past specific investment recommendations.

Nothing presented herein is, or is intended to constitute, investment advice, nor sales material, and no investment decision should be made based on any information provided herein. Information provided reflects AFAM Capital, Inc.’s (AFAM’s) views as of a particular time. Such views are subject to change at any point and AFAM shall not be obligated to provide notice of any change. Any securities information regarding holdings, allocations and other characteristics are presented to illustrate examples of the types of investments or allocations that that AFAM may have bought or pursued as of a particular date. It may not be representative of any current or future investments or allocations and nothing should be construed as a recommendation to purchase or sell a particular security or follow any investment strategy or allocation. Any forward looking statements or forecasts are based on assumptions and actual results are expected to vary from any such statements or forecasts. No reliance should be placed on any such statements or forecasts when making any investment decision. While AFAM has used reasonable efforts to obtain information from reliable sources, we make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of third party information presented herein.

No guarantee of investment performance is being provided and no inference to the contrary should be made. There is a risk of loss from an investment in securities. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

John Buckingham is the Chief Investment Officer of Al Frank Asset Management, a division of AFAM Capital, Inc. AFAM is an Investment Adviser, registered with the SEC, is notice filed in Texas, California and various other states. John Buckingham is editor of The Prudent Speculator (TPS) newsletter, weekly commentaries and any attendant publications. KIG is the investment advisor to individually managed client accounts and certain mutual funds. Summary prospectuses can be reviewed here. Registration of an investment adviser does not imply any certain level of skill or training.